Equity Learning Place

Equity Learning Place was established in 2015 however each of our tutors has more than 10 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Science.

We truly believed and agree that the PACE and STYLE of learning is UNIQUE for every student. This is where our tutors ADAPT in order to help each student understand the subject at their own pace and

In order to do so, our focus is always QUALITY over QUANTITY. That is the reason why we kept our classroom SMALL so that every student gets our ATTENTION.


Math Tutor (Mr JW Koh)

Mr Koh specialises in Mathematics and is capable to teach from Primary to JC level. He studies the syllabus in each level in DETAIL to understand the requirement for the next phase of education. Then teaching materials are DESIGNED to PREPARE your child for the next phase of education.

Tutor's Credentials

National University of Singapore
B. Sc. Mathematics

Teaching since 2009
More than 50 past or current students

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